Maryam Judar

Maryam Judar FOIA Fest 2016smlMaryam Judar, Executive Director, Citizen Advocacy Center

Judar joined the Citizen Advocacy Center staff in 2009 as a community lawyer and became executive director in 2013. She served as an appointee to the Illinois Task Force on Civic Education in 2014, the efforts of which resulted in passage of legislation bringing back civics to Illinois high schools. As a community lawyer she answers legal questions, helps community groups organize, monitors local governments for abuse of power, and speaks out against policies that deteriorate the fabric of our democracy.  Judar’s work with students from Benedictine University resulted in amendments to the Open Meetings Act that strengthen citizen participatory rights. She also coordinated CAC’s Census and local redistricting efforts to increase participation in the Census and protected public, rather than political interests. Prior to joining CAC, Judar clerked for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.