Cook County

Cook County Office of the President
ATTN: Legal Department
Laura Lechowicz Felicione OR Kesner Veinvenu
Special Counsel and FOIA Officer
118 N. Clark Street, Room 537
Chicago, IL 60602
Fax: 312.603.9632

Cook County Board of Review
Chris Beck
F.O.I.A. Officer
Ken Jochum
First Assistant Commissioner
118 N. Clark St. Rm 601
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Fax 312-603-3479

Cook County Assessor
FOIA Officers:
Mark Kos
Michael Beaver
Attn: CCAO Freedom of Information Officer
118 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602
FAX: (312) 603-3616

Cook County Pension Fund
Attention: Legal Department / FOIA Officer
33 N. Dearborn, Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60602
Fax: 312.603.9760

Cook County Clerk’s Office
Deputy Clerk/Chief of Staff Clem Balanoff
Attention: FOIA
Suite 500
69 West Washington Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Fax: 312-603-9788

Cook County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Freedom of Information Officer
Richard J. Daley Center
50 West Washington, Room 704
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Fax: (312) 603-4420. Please include “Attn: Freedom of Information Officer” on the cover

Cook County Treasurer’s Office
ATTN: Legal Department
James DiTommaso – FOIA Officer

118 North Clark Street, Room 112
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312.603.3947
Fax: 312.603.6967

Cook County State’s Attorney
Mr. Paul Castiglione
Freedom of Information Act Officer
Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office
69 West Washington St., Suite 3200
Chicago, Illinois 60602

Cook County Health & Hospitals System
Deborah J. Fortier, Esq.
Special Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
Cook County Health & Hospitals System
1900 West Polk Street, Suite 104
Phone: 312 864-0810

Housing Authority of the County of Cook (HACC)
FOIA Officer: Deborah Kyker
175 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 350
Chicago, IL 60604-3042
Fax: (312) 327-4289

Office of the Independent Inspector General
Steven E. Cyranoski
FOIA Officer
Office of the Independent Inspector General
69 W. Washington Street, Suite 1160
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Fax: (312) 603-9948

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